We supply screening rooms to Hollywood productions during the shooting stage where image is crucial. Our installations follow these stringent guidelines all the way into your cinema.

The way the filmmakers intended it for you to see their work.

And only GT's has this knowledgebase!
For new home construction and retrofits, home theatres using only but the same professional grade equipment we use in our trailers and cinema installations.

This design by Jacques A Blackstone is the first time ever that professional series equipment will be implemented into home theatres environment.

Bringing the final stage of movie watching into your home.
The HHTS Elite is a custom tailored systems for the upscale homes. Rooms engulfed in rich sound with the best HD projection available.

Professional Hollywood screening room grade equipment setup to your desires in your home.

There is nothing better
The finest dailies trailers in North America
In-Room Setups
HD and Film
Sync to Camera
Cast & Crew Playback
Projection Props

Recently completed Superman: Man Of Steel